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Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is a premier biotechnology company, dedicated to the development, manufacturing and marketing of environmentally responsible products that offer cost effective, performance oriented natural solutions.

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Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is a premier biotechnology company, dedicated to the development, manufacturing and marketing of environmentally responsible products that offer cost effective, performance oriented natural solutions.

Organica Biotech is promoted by technocrats, who have developed path-breaking products in the agricultural, aquaculture, environmental and industrial spheres. These remarkable products are of the highest standards and are now certified by International certifying agencies.

The Basis of our Technology

We all realize that we are shifting from a chemical world to a biological world with the progress of biotechnology. This technology essentially involves the creation and application of the knowledge base that exists.

There are millions of species of bacteria on earth. Though we get infections from bacteria, such harmful bacteria constitute an insignificant part of the bacterial population. In fact most of the bacteria are beneficial to maintain the ecology of the earth. Some species of bacteria are more potent and powerful than others. The process of decomposition or biodegradation requires bacteria from nature.

Our products utilize specific functions of microbes to bring about desired biochemical changes. The application of our technology is currently focused on agriculture, aquaculture, environment and industrial spheres. Our technology has been developed using inter-disciplinary sciences of microbiology, biochemistry, organic chemistry, fermentation and pharmaceutical technology.

Our Products:

A. Wastewater Treatment:

  1. Industrial waste water -Based on years of extensive research , we have developed a lucrative and effective solution for waste water treatment. This is suitable for all industry types. Our remedial blend of microbes result in lowered COD and BOD levels, extreme sludge reduction, removal of ammonical nitrogen, elimination of obnoxious odour and filamentous bacteria which may lead to uncontrolled foaming.

  2. Anaerobic Treatment – Anaerobic treatment is an excellent way of reducing sludge volumes and generating biogas. Bioclean ANB and CleanMaxx ANB are impeccable products which can effectively stabilize the anaerobic digestors in your waste water treatment plant. These also alleviate the issues of odour emission, extensive foaming and frequent system upsets.

  3. Sewage treatment – Bioclean STP and CleanMaxx STP are robust products which can work effectively in the capricious environment of the sewage treatment plant. These products lead to a mark reduction in BOD levels of the water reserves. In addition to its usual benefits of reducing sludge build up and curbing the release of malodourous compounds, these products also inhibit the growth of detrimental pathogens including the pernicious coliform strains.

  4. Lake and Pond Bioremediation – Bioclean Pond Clarifier is an exemplary product which can aid in cleaning of lakes and ponds naturally. This impedes the growth of deleterious algae and maintains the fragile balance of aquatic ecosystem. It facilitates lake deepening through the process of “bio-dredging”.

  5. FOG remediation – Colossal volumes of Fats, Oils and Grease in the effluent can lead to eventual clogging of drainage pipes. These wastes also contribute to the high COD and BOD levels in the water reserve. CleanMaxx FOG and Bioclean FOG are unique products facilitating effective remediation of hydrocarbons. This disintegration process is odour free and alleviates all the issues associated with FOGs accumulation

  6. Septic Management– Bioclean Septic is an one step solution for all septic tank woes. The microbes present in Bioclean Septic restore the biological health of the septic tank. Bioclean Septic results in the breakdown of intricate fatty acids in to simple molecules. This increases the longevity of septic tanks.

  7. Biotoilets and Biodigester – Bioclean Biotoilets is a realistic alternative to tackle the issue of open defecation. Bioclean Biotoilet quintessentially comprises of a “Biotoilet Superstructure” and Bioclean “Biodigestor Tank”. The latter embodies a multi chambered unit with a microbial niche.

  8. Biomass Analysis – We offer a specific environmental service to gauge the biological footprint of waste water treatment plant. Biological analysis of wastewater in any secondary treatment unit is critical for analyzing the health and status of biological system along with treat-ability of waste water.

B. Sanitation:

  1. Septic Tank Management – Our product, Bioclean Septic, restores the biological health of the septic tanks. The remedial blend of microbes present in Bioclean Septic convert intricate compounds in to simple fatty acids, thereby circumventing all sanitation woes successfully.

  2. Biotoilet and Biodigester – Bioclean Biotoilet is a reasonable alternative for tackling the issue of open defecation successfully. It is made up of two essential components, a multi-chambered biodigestor tank and a superstructure unit. Biocean BD is imperative for the smooth functioning of all biotoilets.

  3. Toilet and Surface Cleaning Agents – Presently available all toilet cleaning agents comprise of extremely harsh chemicals which impact the respiratory health adversely. These chemicals are major skin and eye irritants. Bioswitch is a natural cleaning agent which not leave your toilets sparkling clean but also aid in environmental conservation.

C. Agriculture:

  1. Commercial Agriculture – In these challenging times of extreme food scarcity, Magic gro provides a biological alternative for invigorating soil health, improving the nutrient assimilation by plants, and boosting the overall immunity of plants. Magic gro improves the resistance of plants to abiotic and biotic stresses.

  2. Solid Waste Composting – Composting is an adept alternative for converting solid waste in to high value manure. However if left to nature itself, composting can be an extremely arduous, slow and malodorous process. Bioclean Compost comprises of beneficial microbes which imperative for the growth and activity of microbes. These microbes expedite the conversion of complex wastes in to simpler forms without the emission of foul odour.

D. Aquaculture:

  1. Vannamei Farming (Penaeus vannamei)Bioclean Aqua Plus is a remedial blend of microbes which work in synergy to maintain the conditions of shrimp farm. The microbes stabilize the capricious conditions of aquaculture farms, maintain good algal bloom, reduce ammonia and nitrate levels, curb the spread of undesirable pathogens and improve the net productivity of yields.

  2. Aqua hatcheries– Bioclean Aqua Hatchery comprises of elixir blend of microbes which facilitate the degradation of organic compounds, inhibit algal bloom, curtail the spread of pathogenic strains including Vibrio species and eliminate the root of offensive odour . It induces molting in shrimps and prevents the occurrence of diseases like necrosis, swollen hind gut and restricted molting.

  3. Aqua Gut Probiotic– Aqua Gut Probiotic comprises of a unique blend of microbes which degrade the complex feed particles in to simple, absorb-able forms. This product stimulates the production of immunoactive substances against various antigens. The Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) of fish and shrimps is ameliorated. Cumulatively, the overall health of fish and shrimps is improved.

  4. Tiger Shrimp Framing (Penaeus Monodon) – Bioclean Aqua is an exemplary product for tiger shrimp farming. It quintessentially comprises of remedial blend of microbes which reduce sludge build up, prevent spread of diseases, curb the formation of odourous hydrogen sulphide and permit higher stocking rates. This product reduces the frequency of water change.

  5. Fish Aquaculture– Bioclean Aqua Fish lowers the toxic load in water bodies, alleviates the emission of foul odour, lowers the COD and BOD levels in water, regulates the ammonia levels in water resources and curb the spread of pathogens. Thus, the overall health of fish and aquatic animals is improved.

E. Animal Health Care:

  1. Poultry Feed Probiotic – ZOOM Poultry essentially comprises of beneficial microbes, which are imperative for maintaining stable gut microflora in poultry animals. Thus, the overall health of poultry animals in enhanced. These microbes improve the nutrient assimilation process and also aid in curbing the spread of pathogens. The product also enhances the quality of meat and increases the thickness of eggs.

  2. Cattle Feed Probiotic – These microbes work in synergy to stabilize the conditions of the microbial niche in the rumen of the cattle. These microbes aggrandize the immunity of cattle. ZOOM Cattle increases the appetite of the animals, reduces flatulence and enhances the Feed Conversion Rate in cattle. The quality and total milk yield is improved.

F. Home and Offices:

  1. Aquarium Care Solution – Bioclean Aquarium is a unique blend of robust microbes which aid in maintaining the water quality of aquarium and preventing the occurrence of diseases in fish. These microbes rapidly utilize the nutrients in the water, thus limiting the growth and proliferation of detrimental pathogens and algae. These microbes rapidly breakdown and utilize ammonia concentration present in aquarium water thereby eliminating the concerns associated with ammonia toxicity. Cumulatively, Bioclean Aquarium reduces  the frequency of water change in fish tanks and aquariums.

  2. Toilet and Surface Cleaning Agent– Commercially available toilet cleaners contains several harsh chemicals which not only contribute to indoor pollution but also potentially irritate the respiratory system and corrode skin. Bioswitch is a natural alternative for all the toilet cleaning needs. Bioswitch comprises of robust probiotics and plant extracts which work in synergy to degrade the odorous intricate matter into simpler forms. These microbes compete with the undesirable microbes and suppress the propagation of the detrimental pathogens.

  3. Home Plants and Nurseries – Upon prolonged usage the soil nurturing potted plants in homes and nurseries loses its vital nutrients. Consequentially, the plant health is impacted in an unflattering manner . Magic gro Plant Care restores the essential microflora in the soil. Magic gro Plant Care is a unique product that ameliorates the stability of soil microbial niche. It is an exemplary soil conditioner which augments the pigmentation of flowers and plants.

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Company Address:-
Organica Biotech, 36, Ujagar Industrial Estate,
W.T. Patil Marg, Govandi, Mumbai- 400 088 India



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