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Kadambari consultants markets "Nualgi" which is used in sewage treatment and lake remediation

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IEN welcomes Kadambari Consultants Pvt Ltd as its institutional Member

Kadambari Consultants Pvt Ltd promotes new technologies in the field of Energy and Water and is currently promoting NUALGI.

Nualgi is a Nano Silica based micro nutrient that causes Diatom Algae naturally present in any waterbody to grow rapidly. 

Diatoms are present in all waterbodies of the world - aquariums, ponds, lakes, rivers, estuaries, oceans, sewage, etc.

Diatoms are responsible for about 25 % of all photosynthesis on Earth, equal to all the tropical rain forests.

Diatoms are the best food for fish and consume CO2 and nutrients, Nitrogen and Phosphorus, in water and give huge amounts of oxygen

Thus CO2, N and P regarded as pollutants, go up the food chain.

Nualgi is invented by Mr T Sampath Kumar of Bangalore and manufactured by his firm Nualgi Nanobiotech.

Introducing 'Nualgi'-- A Research Product- patented:


Growing Algae has the property to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen due to photosynthesis. There are several species of algae.

'Nualgi' is a research product that can grow diatom algae on almost any water substrate be it the sea,high saline water, fresh water,sewage water, effluent water etc.

Use of Nualgi replaces green and blue green algae with diatom algae and is soon converted to zooplankton forming live food for fishes.

 'Nualgi' can be used for the following purposes:

For growing phtoplankton in the seas to absorb global carbon dioxide and reduce greenhouse gases thereby solving global warming problem.

For preventing growth of toxic algal species called 'RED TIDES' in the sea.

For generation of plankton and live food in aquaculture ponds to boost the growth of prawns and fishes.

For treating sewage,polluted and effluent waters by growing diatoms and reducing COD, BOD, COLOUR and bad ODOUR.

Growing Phytoplankton in the seas to Absorb Global Carbon Dioxide and reduce greenhouse gases thereby solving global warming problem.

Most parts of the seas are not productive due to the lack of essential micronutrients.'NUALGI'contains all micronutrients in the biologically available form. When it is dosed to the sea water, algal bloom can be noticed almost immediately, starting from a few minutes to a few hours. This bloom consists mainly of diatoms which are soon consumed by zooplankton and later on by fishes. Attention is drawn to the article on Iron fertilization by Mr. C.H.Coale, of Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, California, USA in the Encyclopedia of ocean sciences edited by John H Steele © Academic Press, wherein a schematic representation of the 'iron theory' suggests that iron requirement for carbon removal varies from 1-2 µ mol Fe/mol C to 15 µ mol Fe/mol C. As per calculation 1 gm of Fe can remove about 14 kg to 140 kg of C from the sea depending upon the species of diatoms growing. Every country may add' NUALGI 'to their coastal waters based on the carbon emitted and remove the carbon load from the system. Each kg of' NUALGI 'dosed in the sea can remove about 140 kg to 1400 kg of carbon from the sea. The money spent could be recovered from the polluters and from taxes on the fishes caught due to extra marine productivity. The by-product is increased marine productivity, prosperity for the fishermen and cleaner waters.

For preventing growth of toxic algal species called 'Red Tides' in the sea

Toxic algal species grow due to pollution and imbalance in the nutrients available for normal diatom algal growth. Excessive sewage and industrial pollution dumped untreated into the sea is the main reason for the growth of the 'RED TIDES'. If;' NUALGI ' is added to the sea then the nutrient imbalance is corrected and the excess nitrates and phosphates are absorbed and converted into diatom algae with the result that toxic algal species cannot grow at all. With the excess nutrient load in the form of N, P and organic load being removed the sea will become a better and cleaner environment both for men and marine animals

For generation of live food in aquaculture ponds to boost the growth of prawns and fishes. Nualgi (research product patent granted)


1. Reduces cost of culture

2. Produces high quality nutritional live food for fast and healthy growth and moulting.

3. Reduces pond pollution.

4. Reduces incidence of diseases.

5. Color and quality of cultured animal is extremely good.

6. Boosts Dissolved oxygen since algae is produced and consumed in the system.

Algal bloom is required in the pond to give dissolved oxygen and to provide a shade.

The sources of dissolved oxygen in an aqua pond are 4% from the water poured in, 7% mixed in from the surface water, and mainly 89% from the photosynthesis of algae. The growth of a quality bloom is a mystery and it varies from pond to pond. The use of organic and inorganic Fertilizers and water exchange does not guarantee a quality bloom. If the source water is polluted there is no immediate remedy. If the algal bloom comprises of green algae and blue green algae then it does not readily support live food like zooplankton since the cell walls are made of cellulose and it is not easily digestible by the marine animals. Since the algae is not consumed it persists in the system and one day it will die and crash creating Dissolved oxygen problems. If' NUALGI ' is used in the pond it will generate a species of'DIATOM ALGAE'that is easily digested and supports a large live food population comprising of zooplankton. The algae constantly grow and are consumed. Repeated application may be made depending on live food requirement. In the initial stages of culture the shrimp prefers live food. Substitute artificial feeds are often wasted contributing to pollution of the pond bottom and severe D.O. problems during culture.


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Started by Harjindarpal Singh. Last reply by M V Bhaskar Feb 23, 2012. 1 Reply

Sir,I'm interested to know about the product and the use of this product alongwith results obtained.Continue

Comment Wall

Comment by Dr. R K Singh on February 24, 2012 at 12:12am

Is this product effective for the treatment of wastewater generated from slaughter house ???

Comment by M V Bhaskar on February 24, 2012 at 12:49am

Yes. Nualgi is effective for treating any organic waste - sewage, animal dung, slaughter house wastewater, dairy wastewater, etc.

It is less useful in industrial effluent, since these may have chemicals that inhibit Diatom growth.

Comment by V.K. Raman on February 24, 2012 at 2:50am

Can we use Nualgi in poultry sheds?  Will it be safe for day old chicks?

Can it break the lipids in Industrial Canteens' waste water?

Where to get the product?  How much it would cost to treat

per litre/cft or square area? 

Comment by M V Bhaskar on February 24, 2012 at 3:16am

Nualgi is safe for all animals.

It was developed for use in shrimp hatcheries, since juvenile shrimp consume only Diatoms for first few days after hatching.

Nualgi is to be used in water - would you have water in the poultry sheds with 1 day old chicks?

Diatomaceous Earth (fossilised shell of dead diatoms ) is recommended as a feed additive for poultry and other animals.

We are now promoting the use of animal waste to grow diatoms in water tanks in animal farms to feed the live diatoms to animals. 

Diatoms are rich in lipids, proteins, etc., so they would be a very good feed supplement.

Thus animal waste can be recycled into feed.

Lipids in Industrial canteen waste water - we have not specifically tested Nualgi for this.

The cost would depend on how concentrated the wastewater is.

Please contact me directly for details.

Comment by veni mittal on January 14, 2013 at 2:17am

What are the job opportunities??

Comment by M V Bhaskar on January 14, 2013 at 2:43am


You can become a distributor / dealer for Nualgi in your area.


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