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We are proud to nominate Abhishek Joshi, as our next "Star Professional" at "Day out with a Star" .

Chandra Kishore, Founder, Indian Environment Network and "Day out with a Star" platform will sit with Abhishek Joshi over a cup of virtual coffee on Facebook Live on Saturday February 3, 8:00 PM India time talking about the cost/benefit of sustainable energy generation from wood.

The event will be broadcasted LIVE on the Facebook page Please like the page to get an alert when the interview goes LIVE. Leave your questions below for Abhishek. Here is the direct link: 

Abhishek works in a German company ‘Holzenergie Wegscheid GmbH’, which manufactures wood gasifiers coupled with power plants. These power plants generate heat and electricity at the same time. Check their website at

Abhishek, has also started a very laudable counseling and mentoring service for students who desire to study in Germany based on his own experience. Check his site

The key points of the combined Heat-Power plant system are as follows.

· The co-generation systems do stand out because of their high overall efficiency 82% and for a dependable continuous supply of Electricity and Heat.

· Apart from direct utilization of heat and electricity, cooling can be also achieved.

· The Holzenergie Wegscheid GmbH offers CHPC systems coupled with wood gasifiers- generating 'Wood gas'.

· The 'Wood gas' produced in gasifier from wood chips that are easily available at economical price.

· Contents of wood gas- (Hydrogen, CO and traces of CH4)- is regarded as 'Green fuel' and is used as an alternative fuel in diesel engines.

· The CHPC plants are counted on for uninterrupted and continuous power supply. Assured yearly operation of 7500 hours with 8640 hours practically achievable.

· Apart from self use of generated energy, the excess energy (in case) can be sold to the energy grid.

· Apart from economical benefits, reduced carbon footprint is a big advantage. Earning Carbon credit points is a possibility.

· Government aid and subsidies and financing available for green energy.

Indian Environment Network brings together environment professionals from India working all over the world in 2000+ environment organizations. You are welcome to join it at .

"Day out with a Star" is a humble initiative to give a platform to amazing innovators all over the world where there fans can directly book one-on-one time with their idols and get inspired. Contact us at to share information about amazing individuals whom we can interview on this platform. Let us also know if you have done amazing work that merits featuring you on the platform.

About the Expert: Global Technical Sales Engineer at Holzenergie Wegscheid GmbH, M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (Specl. In Energy and Environmental Engineering) University Duisburg-Essen, Germany Previously worked for TUV Nord,Germany as Data Analyst- Electric vehicles B.E. Mechanical, Pune university

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